Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide management and administrative support to our affiliated practices as they
address the psychological need of individuals in our communities, hospitals and long term care facilities,
by providing consistent full service psychological services, evaluations and assessments, as well as
individual, family and group therapy. Our goal is to educate individuals, our communities, hospitals and
long term care facilities on mental/behavioral health.

Our Values:

We value the expertise of our affiliated practices. We value the Psychologist, Neuropsychologist and
Licensed Clinical Social Workers which provides one of our greatest resources - psychological services,
which will assist us all in maintaining the best quality of life. We value the gift of making a difference in
individuals’ lives through consistent mental and behavioral health services. And we know the
importance of educating our communities and facilities on mental health. “Let’s talk about it, let
educate individuals on it, and lets lift the stigma on mental health!”

“We care about your peace of mind.”
“We care about your loved ones, family and friends.”
“We care about teaching and educating our communities and hospitals on mental health.”
“We care about your Mind, Body and Soul.”
“We care about you!”